Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act 85 of 1993)
SANS 10087-1
Pressure Equipment Regulations of 2009
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Association of Southern Africa
Local government fire regulations

When selling a property a Gas Certificate of Compliance will be required for transfer purposes (COC) for properties that house gas. The gas installation of a property is to be inspected and tested by a Qualified Gas Inspector to determine whether it is safe and complies with the current regulations. All QC Inspectors are registered with the LP Gas Safety Associate of Southern Africa ensuring that our inspection adheres strictly to the code of practice.

What is Inspected:
The location of gas cylinders, manifolds, regulators, safety shut-off valves, pipes, tubes and hoses, position of appliances in relation to electrical equipment, sources of ignition, illegal installations, additions to the existing installation and any possible gas leaks.

What is excluded:
All fixed appliances e.g. ovens, stoves, instant water heaters, fireplaces, space heaters etc.

Our Inspection fees:
Standard home – Cash price R360.00 including vat. (payable on the day).
If settled thereafter, or on transfer – R400.00 including vat.

Commercial Buildings to be quoted on.

Fault reporting: 

Should any compliance faults be noted, a full report/quotation will be forwarded to the Seller for his/her approval. The Seller will be required to accept this quotation in writing.

Issuing of Certificates of Compliance (COC):
On completion of our inspection, where no faults have been recorded, our COC will be issued immediately upon receipt of payment. Alternatively, once all faults have been attended to, and the property deemed compliant, our COC will be issued once payment has been settled in full.

Payment may be settled in cash or via electronic funds transfer (EFT) on the day of service, this entitles the Seller to our cash discounted fee, as indicated above. Alternatively, payment may be settled on transfer of the property, a written instruction will be requested from your Transferring Attorney in respect of the amount/s due, once in hand, the COC will be issued immediately.